Virtual Reality Technologies for People with Autism

VIRTAUT - Overview

This is a part of the website is designed to provide some details of an award-winning project I worked on from 2010-2013. The project was part of my PhD at University College Dublin.

The project aimed to embed a virtual world (Second Life) into a classroom for children with autism. The project sought to explore and examine if, why, and how VWs can be used within this context successfully. In addition key research questions related to how users with autism represented themselves in a virtual world (though an avatar) in addition to the methods of preferred communication.

The project was kindly supported (financially) by UnLtd / HEFCE and I worked with Linden Bridge School in Worcester Park, Surrey. It is only with the help and support of Linden Bridge that this project was successfully realised within a classroom setting. Through the examination of a VW in the classroom for this user group we are better placed to understand what aspects of such platforms users with autism find useful - and more importantly – why.

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